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Hello! My name is Rebecca Allen, and I’m a Graphic Designer.


I, like so many other designers, actually stumbled into design completely by accident. Soon after I graduated from high school, I was asked to start designing PowerPoint presentations for my church. I’d always been highly creative, and had a secret love for design, but had never even used PowerPoint before, no less designed presentations! I reluctantly agreed to design the presentations, and by the time I was done with the first one, I was hooked! I had finally figured out a way, through digital graphic design, to express my creativity in a way that I was truly passionate about.


Even though I loved designing those presentations, it never dawned on me to ever consider going into graphic design. But graphic design kept finding me, in every job I had after that, from designing brochures, fliers, posters, signs and forms, to desktop publishing, web design and social media graphics.


It wasn’t until after I graduated with an Associate of Arts degree from Rochester University and a Visual Communication certificate from University of Phoenix that I finally knew I needed to officially accept that I was a graphic designer. Eventually, I graduated from the Digital Media Arts program at Specs Howard School of Media Arts, and received a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication from Rochester University. 


Today, I’ve expanded my skill set and passions to include print and digital layout, video editing and production, digital photography, web design and written content. I'm a passionate, imaginative storyteller with a timeless design aesthetic who greatly enjoys collaboration, and I look forward to working with you soon!

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